In Memoriam to the failure of language to represent death, loss and mourning. 


In my six print piece Someone Has Died I explore how death is currently expressed on a daily basis. The work is an attempt to express the futility of trying to communicate death, a visual demonstration of the destruction of meaning and of the individual through the sheer accumulation of quantity. 

On November third, I searched Google News for the phrases “died,” “dead,” “a man died,” “a woman” died,” “women died”, “men died ” “boys dead,” “girls died,” “boy died”, “girl died,” “child died,” “infant died,” and “children died,” and recorded the first five pages of results from each. I compiled one hundred and forty news stories totaling two thousand seven hundred and nineteen deaths. I extracted from each news story exactly who had died, the cause of death, and its location. 

I created six prints cataloging this information, three in which deaths were listed by news story and three in which each death was listed individually.




Auto-memorialize is program i created to that live streams all tweets containing the phrase "rest in peace".

This is not live run of the program it is just a video. 


My auto-memorialize project is not supposed to be an answer or a solution to the problematics of memorials or representation. Instead it is an attempt to give form and audience to any and all invocations of memorialization. Using processing I wrote a code that finds ands streams tweets that uses the phrase rest in peace.