"Genevieve and Hydra" is an artist book I made during my residency at Gallery 102 in Berlin Germany.  It combines the tropes of epic fantasy, fairytales and the traditional hero journey to tell a cautionary political fable about the pull of authoritarianism on the quest for utopia. 

It was inspired by my own experiences in leftist organizing and my travels in Poland and Germany, as well as Ernest Bloch’s "Heritage of Our Times." The book is composed of 16 collages that trace the roots of fascism in utopianism, occultism, the fetishization of ancient Greece, European folklore and conspiracy theories.

I chose to print the book as a broadsheet newspaper to reference both pictures books and the history or leftist newspaper projects. 

This collage combines John Gast's "Spirit of the Frontier" with representations of the goddess Athena, to connect the lines between the Nazi's Lebensraum, Manifest Destiny, and the idea of ancient Greek wisdom as the heritage of the West.