218,952 People Not Currently Incarcerated is composed of 218,952 names in six point font, compressed into in a ten foot by four foot block of text. The piece attempts to reveal, through mimicry, the effects of incarceration on a population and on the individual. According to the Bureau of Prison statistics there are 218,952 people currently being held in prison in America. The names I include are not the names of people in prison, but are instead taken from sources of the most popular baby names for the past 40 years. They do not represent people currently incarcerated, but rather the intention of the Prison system which aims to destroy, not only for its its inmates but also for those connected to them, culture, family and community. The names are presented in gradation, with the darkest names at the top and the names at the bottom almost unreadable. The tonal changes in the ink denote an increase in sentence length calculated to match the percentage given by the BOP for sentencing length. There are 55 names at the bottom that are almost completely invisible. According to the BOP, there are 55 people currently on death row. The piece is designed to look, from afar, like a straightforward work of minimalist art but, like the prisons, it is an active force of erasure and destruction for those inside.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 16.39.50.png